Tef-Gel Corrosion Eliminator

Tef-Gel™ is a white, extremely high viscosity gel. It is applied to fastenings, fittings, and electrical connectors in high corrosive environments to ensure protection, serviceability & presentation of assembled hardware.

Tef-Gel™ is designed to:

  • Stop corrosion between dissimilar metals
  • Galling of stainless steel
  • Act as an assembly lubricant (anti seize) for ease of maintenance
  • Protect electrical connectors from corrosion
  • Effectively Tef-Gel™ is four products in one.

Non-Toxic Information

 Other key features that make Tef-Gel™ unique are

  • Non-Toxic and Non-Harmful to Marine and Land Based ecosystems and us
  • Non-reactive and chemically stable
  • Has an indefinite shelf life and working life
  • Working temperatures of -60° to 280°C without changing viscosity
  • Tef-Gel™ contains no toxic chemicals, silicones, petroleum products, solvents, or carcinogens.
  • Tef-Gel™ is not classed as a dangerous good.
  • Tef-Gel™ is safe to use not only near a complex aquatic marine environment but submerged in it – without having an impact on the aquatic environment.
  • Tef-Gel is not harmful or toxic for people and is a very safe product to use.

Sizes Available

30g Tube

120g Tube

60g Tub


Tef-Gel™ can be used for multiple applications.

Before application, all surfaces, must be free from any previous corrosion, dust, dirt, and any other chemical contaminates. If necessary, prepare all surfaces with Mineral Spirits, (Mineral Turpentine).

Tef-Gel™ must be applied liberally to all surfaces prior to assembly including threaded fasteners and flat surfaces of hardware including washers. Failure to adequately apply Tef-Gel™ will result in a reduction in protection.

When assembled hardware and fastenings are finally tightened, there needs to be a visible bead of Tef-Gel™ splayed evenly around the head of the fastener and or the hardware.

Any excess Tef-Gel™ can be removed with Mineral Spirits, (Mineral Turpentine) to leave an airtight barrier of protection. Ensure clean up products are used within the guidelines of the product suppliers and the respective Material Safety Data Sheets.

The application guidelines are to be used in conjunction with the product Material Safety Data Sheet and application information printed on the product label.

Tef-Gel™ should only be used in applications within the temperature range of -60ºC to 280ºC.

WHY Tef-GeL Works

Tef-Gel™ is an extremely high viscosity Teflon® based gel.

It is impervious to salt water, fresh water, UV, or detergents.

It contains no petrochemicals or oils, so it does not change viscosity or dry out and crack.

Tef-Gel™ can be used to stop corrosion between ALL dissimilar metals. In order for dissimilar metal corrosion to occur a galvanic cell needs to occur in the voids between the metals. Applying Tef-Gel™ fills the voids and creates a barrier which no longer allows the galvanic cell to form.

Tef-Gel™ prevents galling of stainless steel, when applied to fastenings by preventing the high friction forming between the threads of the nuts and the bolts.

Tef-Gel™ can be used as an assembly lubricant to allow for ease of maintenance and is an excellent anti-seize because it doesn’t dry out or crack and can be used in applications within the temperature range of -60ºC to 280ºC.

Tef-Gel™ protects electrical connections from corrosion by creating an airtight barrier that will not allow moisture to be drawn into the connection thus creating corrosion. Its unique properties will not impede current.

Various Applications

Tef-Gel™ is an extremely versatile product.

Its many applications are not limited to just commercial or industrial uses.

Tef-Gel™ is an industrial grade product but it also has thousands of uses around the home, garden, garage, boat, trailer, caravan, jetski, plane, kiteboard, – and all manner of toys!

If it has moving parts, dissimilar metals, is near or around water, if it needs to be serviced, then Tef-Gel™ is your best bet to protect your investment.

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