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Propspeed is a silicone foul release coating system designed and proven to prevent marine growth from bonding to metal surfaces below the water line. The Propspeed system is made up of a two component etching primer, which bonds to the metal substrate and a clear coat, which provides an ultra-smooth outer layer. Combined they provide an integrated foul release system that stays firmly adhered to the props and running gear, dramatically reducing the ability for fouling to occur. This makes the Propspeed System one of the most effective and longest lasting propeller and running gear coating systems available on the global market today.


Lightspeed is the first transparent foul-release coating specifically developed for underwater lights.

Underwater lights generate light and heat, creating environmental conditions that favour marine growth.

Conventional antifouling paint designed to prevent marine growth on hulls and running gear is unsuitable for underwater lights as it is not transparent.

Protect your underwater lights from marine fouling, including barnacles, oysters, mussels, seaweed and algae.


The revolutionary foul-release coating that protects transducers from marine growth, certified by Airmar.

Fouling on the face of transducers can reduce their sensitivity, decreasing bottom-echo returns and fish targets and reducing the detail on the sonar image you receive. Foulfree forms a slick surface that marine growth can’t grab onto, keeping your transducer surface clean and clear.

Environmental Benefits

Conventional antifouling uses biocides to prevent marine growth on metal. These typically contain copper, which is a potent marine contaminant. Once the supply of biocide is used up the coating loses its effectiveness, requiring a re-coating. This can occur within a few months, especially for high speed propellers, or boats in marine rich environments. Propspeed is different. It contains no biocides, copper or tin. It works because it’s slick, not because it’s toxic.

Performance Benefits

Fouling of running gear is a constant headache for boat-owners, resulting in increased fuel consumption, loss of speed and excessive noise and vibration. The loss of performance is most keenly felt in sport boats, but is also evident in the increased cost of running larger commercial vessels. We’re constantly told by boat-owners from around the world that having Propspeed on their boat’s running gear increases their speed and reduces their fuel consumption.

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