Poli Glow

Never Wax Again

A truly remarkable product that restores colour and shine to faded fibreglass.  Unlike wax, Poliglow is easy to apply and lasts longer, with maintenance. Can be used on:

  • Boats
  • Caravans
  • Horsefloats
  • Gliders/Aeroplanes
  • Anything fibreglass

Blue Nautilus Marine is the importer and retailer for Poli Glow in Australia, and is available in 3 kit sizes or individually after the initial kit has been purchased.

  • Small Kit – covers up to 6m
  • Medium Kit – covers up to 10m
  • Large Kit – covers up to 16m

Individual Products Available:

  • Poli Prep
  • Poli Glow
  • Poli Strip (for removal of Poli Glow)
  • PoliOx – for the removal of heavy oxidation and rust marks
  • Scrubby Brushes and/or Applicator Mitts

Contact us for pricing and shipping details.

Poli Glow Media & Videos:

Poli Glow – Application & Maintenance

Completely clean the surface with diluted Poli Prep using the Scrubby Brush to remove wax, light stains and oxidation.  For heavier stains use PoliOx which is an Oxalic Powder.  Wash off and allow to completely dry. Wet the applicator mitt and wring out so it is damp, apply Poli Glow to the mitt and apply using long single strokes, work a small area at a time,


  • Poli Glow is a water based polymer with a urethane fortification and improved UV protection.
  • Poli Glow is environmentally friendly.
  • First sold in America in 1991, then in Australia in 1995, Poli Glow polish is now available throughout the world.
  • Poli Glow is a clear coat polymer with a gloss level more than 5 times that of wax.
  • Poli Glow contains no dangerous or oil based products.
  • Poli Glow can be used on Boats, Caravans/Motorhomes, Horse Floats, Aircraft, Trailers or any other fibreglass surface.
  • Poli Glow was rated best for 3 consecutive years by Practical Sailor and Powerboat Reports (similar to Australian Choice Magazine), both consumer resource public relations for the US marine industry.
  • Ease of removal is “Excellent” !
  • Poli Glow Guarantee.
  • Poli Glow lasts up to 12 months before a recoat is necessary (depending on how the vessel or vehicle is stored).
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